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Our mission is to inspire, support, showcase and cheer African girls breaking and making rules and doing awesome stuff. We believe that includes you! Let’s go on this journey together, shall we?

About TGE

The Girl Entrepreneur is the voice of the 21st century African Girl. Our Vision is to inspire young women in finances, business and career, helping them launch out and achieve all of their dreams.
We are aware of the difficulties a lady faces when she tries to step out of the status quo and dare the impossible, and how increasingly difficult it is becoming for her to thrive in this harsh economy and overcrowded digital space, our mission therefore is to increase her chances of success by a hundred per cent.
To make this happen, we will be sharing via our various platforms, the behind the scene stories of successful women, the battles they’ve had to win, the milestones they’ve had to overstep and the intentional actions they’ve taken that brought them to the limelight and how they also can face their fears, and be all they desire to be.
We’ll be sharing quite inspiring and enlightening content on our varied platforms. (Magazine, Blog, Newsletters and Social Media Channels
The Girl Entrepreneur also aims to provide constant support and promotions to start up brands and small businesses (especially) owned by women to help them gain grounds and expand their visibility.

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The Girl Entrepreneur is a clique of smart and fabulous women who want to make huge differences in their businesses, careers, and world. We are interested in the global capacity development of African women.Wanna take a ride with us?